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Repeater tower

DMK Engineering Inc. provides product design and engineering solutions for a wide range of consumer, industrial, medical, and military clients. 

We provide our clients, both large and small with electronic, mechanical, optical, and software development expertise to deliver optimized product prototypes for performance validation.  We are experts at embedded control systems, motion control, stepper and servo motor drivers, analog and digital circuit design, FPGA/VHDL firmware and printed circuit board design.  We also offer ground-breaking optical and mechanical design services.  From concept to prototype to production, DMK can assist you in all your technical project needs.

DMK serves clients in wide array of fields including: industrial sensing, robotics & motion control, aerospace & defense, aerial photography, infrared, visible, and UV optics, automated inspection, fiber-optic communications, laser guidance, medical products, and much much more!

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DMK Engineering Inc.

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DMK Engineering is pleased to introduce URI -- the USB Radio Interface designed for linking amateur radio communications through personal computer network channels.

URI allows a Land/Mobile FM radio device to be connected to a Linux PC via the USB port, extending radio communications across PC network channels. Now users can link two or more radios together with audio and digital control signals that even enable control over remote radios installed in inaccessible locations or remote repeater nodes.

URI connects to any radio system that brings out audio and transmit control signals.


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